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Converting hypotheses into knowledge since 95. I write about startups & strategy. Consultant @ bigsofatechnologies. Based in London. Views are my own.


2020 marked a turning point for online food delivery


With Deliveroo’s IPO fast approaching, here is an in-depth strategic analysis of its current competitive positioning to assess investment opportunities.

Executive Summary

  • Industry trends suggest consumers are steering towards sustainability and health & wellness, and away from “unhealthy” habits
  • It’s not clear how post-covid will affect the sector. Deliveroo expects demand to drop
  • Low industry attractiveness due to the high degree of substitutes, low barriers to entry, and high fixed costs
  • The sector has an adaptive environment and can easily be disrupted by tech. Despite not having a scale advantage, Deliveroo has strong execution capabilities to win in this environment
  • Is creating a 3-sided marketplace to add value for customers, restaurants and couriers, which is essential to win
  • Differentiates through big restaurant…

Audio streaming

Spotify is looking bullish — here is the due diligence on its current competitive position and growth prospects

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge


  • Millennials, a key target demographic of the industry, are increasingly looking for access, rather than ownership of goods and services (Citation 1) which suits the industry model
  • The global music streaming industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.8% between 2020–2027 (Citation 2)
  • Global CAGR between 2020–2027 in the podcast industry is…

Audio streaming

An in-depth strategic analysis of Spotify’s global competitive positioning in the audio-streaming industry

All the markets Spotify operates in as of January 2021


audio streaming

An in-depth strategic analysis of Spotify’s growth options


Jiten Chablani

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